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Building tall in CLT – getting the right material in the right place

The Cube, Wenlock Road, London

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A ten-storey residential development built in hybrid steel, concrete and CLT. This building excels at using each material where it works best.

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Architect: Hawkins / Brown

For: Regal Homes

It was refreshing to work with engineers as energetic and creative as Engenuiti. They approached a highly complex and challenging build project with enthusiasm and the utmost attention to detail, helping us to achieve our vision. Simon De Friend - Regal Homes

The Architect conceived a cruciform building that rotated on plan every 2 storeys to create balconies and communal spaces for residents. To achieve this, whilst fulfilling the clients aspiration of a largely timber building, CLT panels were used as deep beams and floor plates spanning between columns hidden within the walls at the intersection of rotated floorplates. The building as a whole was stabilised back to a concrete core.

By using each material where it worked best, an efficient and cost efficient building was devised and built. The jump formed concrete core was built and acts as a single structural unit, the steel columns pick up the concentrated loads of the building, while the CLT deep-beam walls and single span floors effectively form the residential units themselves, both creating the space and forming the structural box

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