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New Housing for New Addington

Infill sites, Croydon

01284 BBB BXB Archio 3
01284 BBB BXB Arch 1
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Engenuiti are working to develop a series of infill sites in and around New Addington to provide much-needed high quality, affordable housing.

01284 BBB BXB Archio 1
01284 BBB BXB Archio 2

Architect: Archio, Common Ground, Denizen Works, Gort Scott, Ruff, Threefold

For: Brick by Brick

Engenuiti have delivered a large programme of complex development sites. The team at Engenuiti have been very supportive and enjoyable to work with. Jessica Bolsin - Brick by Brick

Across the fifteen sites that we have taken forward from the initial Feasibility stage, the proposed developments range in scale from a handful of two storey townhouses up to nine-storey apartment blocks. It has been a delight to work with six exciting young architectural practices to deliver this work.

Many of the sites are highly constrained: they are often small; oddly shaped; have complicated boundary conditions; are underlain by multiple existing services; or all of the above. This has meant that our initial process of information gathering has been particularly key. Early surveys, site walk-abouts, desk studies and feasibility assessments help to capture the issues that need to be understood in order to guide the process of developing early layouts in the correct direction. On strict budgets to build affordable housing, massaging the building footprint to avoid diverting an existing cable can be the difference between viability and unaffordability.

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