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Lovely soffits, reduced material use and thermal mass

Stratton Upper School, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire

00480 Stratton Upper School Complete 5
00480 Stratton Upper School Complete 4
00480 Stratton Upper School Complete 3
00480 Stratton Upper School Complete 2
00480 Stratton Upper School ARCH 2

A two-storey extension housing a new science block linked back to the main school building, allowing for the expansion of the school from 1,240 to 1,650 pupils.

00480 Stratton Upper School Site 2
00480 Stratton Upper School ARCH 1

Architect: Penoyre & Prasad

For: Stratton Upper School

To provide greater acoustic separation between floors the building is RC frame to 1st floor with a lighter weight steel and timber structure above. The exposed soffit of the underside of the first floor was utilised for thermal mass and easy service distribution.

The project was the first UK use of Airdeck, a novel form of construction that provides voids to the concrete slab. The system led to a 30% reduction in slab weight, tipping the project back on to shallow footings from piled foundations. Additionally, it provided a high quality concrete soffit and quicker, cleaner construction having utilised offsite prefabrication.

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