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A sweeping timber diagrid roof bringing automotive innovators together

National Automotive Innovation Centre, Warwick

00428 NAIC Exterior night
00428 NAIC interior

Housing 1000 staff and students working across design, engineering and research, the National Automotive Innovation Centre (NAIC) is and award winning building showcasing the warmth and wellbeing benefits of timber in all settings

00428 NAIC atrium
00428 NAIC Tension chord connnection

Architect: Cullinan Studio

For: University of Warwick / B&K Structures

The National Automotive Innovation Centre is first and foremost place for researchers, engineers and designers to come together across disciplines to devise new technologies and products. It was key that the new centre has strong ties to nature; providing innovators with a refreshing and inspiring space to think about and see their products out of sterile labs.

It is a showcase for advances in British design and engineering. The building steps in and out at ground floor to create entrance, and at roof level to form terraces.

The engineered timber is dramatic and gives a strong, consistent top line to the elevations. The edge projects above a continuous ribbon of windows so the roof appears to float over the building. The exposed roof beams continue into in, bringing a little bit of nature into the heart of the building.

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