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How to unlock the potential of combining modular and traditional forms

Global Academy, Hayes, London

00797 Global Site 3
00797 Global Site 2
00797 Global ENG 1
00797 Global S2 A 1

A new modular built 800 place academy for 14 to 19 year olds, focussed on media and entrepreneurship.

00797 Global S2 A 2
00797 Global ENG 2

Architect: Surface to Air Architects

For: Yorkon / Global Academy

The building is arranged over 4 floors and designed around a large roof lit atrium, creating dynamic internal circulation space and providing the college with good passive supervision.

Working closely with Yorkon, the modular contractor, Engenuiti were able to redesign parts of the system to avoid double structure and allow the modular system to take the atrium roof loads. With the design team we have developed a design concept based on a hybrid modular which maximizes off-site construction, creates efficient floorplates, minimising cost and delivery programme risks.

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