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Elegant and refined; a sports performance centre fit for the University of Edinburgh

Peffermill Sports Centre and Masterplan, University of Edinburgh

00920 Peffermill Arch 4
00920 Peffermill Arch 5
00920 Peffermill Arch 6
00920 Peffermill Arch 1
00920 Peffermill Eng 4

A significant addition to the university sports campus, the centre will provide a cathedral-like twelve+ court sports hall located over a substantial changing village which supports the wider external pitches.

00920 Peffermill Eng 5
00920 Peffermill Model 2
00920 Peffermill Arch 2
00920 Peffermill Eng 6

Architect: Reiach and Hall Architects

For: University of Edinburgh

Engenuiti have brought an unusually high level of engineering imagination and competence to the project combined with a consistently proactive approach to design problems. We thoroughly enjoy working with them. Jim Grimley - Reiach and Hall Architects

The structure is expressive of its curved roof profile which also encloses 4 indoor tennis courts, spectator seating and extensive areas of strength and conditioning alongside public café and bar spaces.

By creating a simple clean structural diagram, rigorously analysed and detailed, we were able to provide an internal aesthetic that is fully expressive of its structural form. Internally the structure does the talking and creates a beautiful building that has no requirement for costly finishes. By clever stability arrangements, both globally and locally, we have created large open spaces uncluttered by secondary structure and bracing. Its simplicity masks the challenging engineering and management of building movements.

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