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How to build inspiring schools and wonderful architecture using local technologies and no budget.

Khyaung School, Cambodia

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A new three classroom block and library for a rural school operating in shifts to educate the children they have in limited facilities.

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Architect: Weston Williamson + Partners

For: The Building Trust / Article 25

We have had the pleasure to work with Engenuiti on 2 humanitarian projects; a rural school in Cambodia and an inclusive school in Tanzania. The team have provided their expertise on a pro-bono basis and have been amazing to work with. Abul Mahdi - Article 25

Working closely with the Architect and Integration MEP we challenged the concept of a simple classroom block in the humid monsoon climate. Using the local and available materials we proposed and built a new style of school building that maximises natural ventilation and building orientation in a challenging natural and economic climate.

The building was completed alongside a local engineer and built by the villagers and, in part, by the Architects.

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