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How do you build the biggest basement you can just a few meters from Crossrail without breaking anything.

Outernet, St Giles Circus, London

00029 St Giles Circus Outernet Site 9
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00029 St Giles Circus Outernet Site 11

A mixed use development with four storey basement built over Crossrail and the Northern Line housing a 2000 person main event space and 350 person secondary music venue. Above ground four main buildings house a substantial public urban gallery, hotel and offices built in to a retained façade and a fully refurbished and continuously operational street of shops, including many listed buildings.

00029 St Giles Circus Outernet Site Smithy L1
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00029 St Giles Circus Outernet Site 10
00029 St Giles Circus Outernet Site 2

Architect: ORMS

For: Consolidated Developments

It's refreshing to work with engineers who aren’t afraid to push the envelope and make what many would think impossible, possible. Their positive, collaborative approach was extremely valuable and a key factor in the success of the project. Joanna Dimitriadis – Skanska

To achieve the iconic and fully openable Urban Gallery that looks on to Tottenham Court Road, a structure of bespoke steel columns and beams is hung from a 3 storey cantilevered truss wrapped around the top storeys of the building.

Below ground the large span event space required an isolated box-in-box construction and an innovative restraint system to hold down Crossrail beneath. The construction of the basement required the novel temporary relocation of a 180 tonne building to allow pile coring to the base chalk.

IStructE Awards 2023 - Shortlisted

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