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How do you build the biggest basement you can just a few meters from Crossrail without breaking anything.

Outernet, St Giles Circus, London

00029 St Giles Circus Outernet Site 9
0879 Outernet Slider 6
00029 St Giles Circus Outernet Site 13
00029 St Giles Circus Outernet Site 11

A mixed use development with four storey basement built over Crossrail and the Northern Line housing a 2000 person main event space and 350 person secondary music venue. Above ground four main buildings house a substantial public urban gallery, hotel and offices built in to a retained façade and a fully refurbished and continuously operational street of shops, including many listed buildings.

00029 St Giles Circus Outernet Site Smithy L1
00029 St Giles Site 5
00029 St Giles Circus Outernet Site 10
00029 St Giles Circus Outernet Site 2

It's refreshing to work with engineers who aren’t afraid to push the envelope and make what many would think impossible, possible. Their positive, collaborative approach was extremely valuable and a key factor in the success of the project. Joanna Dimitriadis – Skanska

To achieve the iconic and fully openable Urban Gallery that looks on to Tottenham Court Road, a structure of bespoke steel columns and beams is hung from a 3 storey cantilevered truss wrapped around the top storeys of the building.

Below ground the large span event space required an isolated box-in-box construction and an innovative restraint system to hold down Crossrail beneath. The construction of the basement required the novel temporary relocation of a 180 tonne building to allow pile coring to the base chalk.

Architect: ORMS

For: Consolidated Developments

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