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Embedding a playful, fun and engaging form within the landscape

IQL Workplace Without Boundaries – Pavilion

01020 IQL Pavilion Peter Landers 6
01020 IQL Pavilion Peter Landers 5
01020 IQL Pavilion Peter Landers 4
01020 IQL Pavilion Peter Landers 2

A composite steel and timber framed system creating a delightful space for the local community and a recognisable landmark interfaced with the public realm of the International Head Quarter in Stratford.

01020 IQL Pavilion REN3
01020 IQL Pavilion Peter Landers 3
01020 IQL Pavilion Peter Landers 1
01020 IQL Pavilion REN4

Architect: YOU&ME Architecture

For: Lendlease

The pavilion comprises a series of continuous cantilever members, with an extended overhang providing total coverage of the podium below. The plywood panels stabilising the construction are used to frame the large opening that establishes a direct visual connection with the surrounding space.

The structural depth is minimised through the use of a T-shaped flitch section for the cantilever ribs, with narrow glued laminated timber members giving the structure its distinctive sense of lightness.

Photography (c) Peter Landers

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