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An Inclusive School in Tanzania

We are currently on site with a new inclusive school in Tanzania, giving educational opportunity to both able bodied and disabled children side by side, a provision which simply didn’t exist prior to this work. This is the second phase of the masterplan which saw our initial classroom block being completed in 2019.

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A New Adventure in Cambodia

Our school in Cambodia has been a huge success. The building, lovingly designed by Weston Williamson, was constructed entirely by a local labour force and the structural proposals were developed with a very careful consideration of the locally available skills and materials. The resulting building provides highly valued learning facilities to the surrounding community.

Closer to Home

Back in the UK, we have undertaken the design of the fabulous ‘Home for Oskar and Theo’ with Tigg+Coll Architects. The brief was to provide an adaptable house to meet the changing needs of two children who are living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The project team worked on nominal fees and gave their time and materials freely in order to deliver an award-winning home that provides a flexible living space, flooded with light and that creates a seamless link to the stunning surrounding wooded setting.

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Trite though it may sound, many of us went into engineering with a sense that this was a profession through which we could be doing something positive for society. Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of these ideals in the midst of the daily grind. But these projects have helped to remind us of the value we can (at least in some small way) bring to society. We’re proud of our involvement in this work and are committed to continuing to be involved in these kinds of projects for the foreseeable future.

by Rachel Sandbrook & Nathan Wheatley

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