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The Brunel Museum Reinvented project will make vital improvements to this site of international engineering heritage.

Brunel Museum Reinvented

1419 Brunel reinvented elevation
Brunel Museum Tate Image L
1419 Brunel reinvented Tate CGI
1419 Brunel reinvented detail sketch

The project will conserve the historic building, improve visitor facilities, and provide a gallery to display Marc Brunel’s beautiful watercolour designs of the Thames Tunnel.

Architect: Tate + Co

For: The Brunel Museum

The Brunel Museum is an unusual mix of powerful industrial heritage surrounded by an unexpectedly verdant and compelling landscape on the bank of the Thames. Jerry Tate, Director Tate + Co

The museum consists of the masonry “Caisson” shaft and the “Engine House” and associated surrounding ground. Both of these buildings are Scheduled Ancient Monuments and the preservation and care of them sit at the heart of this project.

The existing buildings were built for engineering purposes and the structure was minimalist in nature with structural arrangements primarily driven by the function they performed as well as generally being exposed.

Accordingly, we worked closely with the Museum and Tate + Co to ensure all interventions were carefully planned and minimised in scale, as well as meeting the original ‘feel’ of the structure. A key part of this was incorporating services into the structural solution wherever possible.

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