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The Career Journey: Graduate to Associate

Some of our staff members that joined us as graduates share their stories of joining and working at Engenuiti.


When I first came across Engenuiti I was keen to get some experience and the small company paired with the wide range of projects was what attracted me. Initially, I did a summer placement and really enjoyed the opportunity to learn working in real-world schemes including large-scale commercial and private residential refurbishment. I was keen to return to Engenuiti as I had been very welcomed, and the company atmosphere was something I really valued.

Since I started, I have found the environment to be inclusive and open. As a graduate, I have the opportunity to get involved in a range of aspects in the practice and I feel like my voice is heard. I can approach anyone to develop my knowledge and understanding both within projects and generally.

I have particularly enjoyed my involvement in timber school projects, that are both interesting from an engineering perspective as well as socially and environmentally sustainable. I have had the opportunity to take on lots of responsibility in my first year, including taking a lead on some aspects of projects which has been invaluable to my career development.

Engenuiti Office 73 2022 Manisha
Engenuiti Office 19 2022 Steve


Next year will mark my decade working at Engenuiti. I was attracted to the practice all those years ago by a fantastic bunch of diverse and talented people working towards a common purpose to develop the practice and create excellent design with rigor, and that still rings true today.

The breadth of projects I have worked on across all design stages allowed me to develop quickly in my early career from graduate to Chartered Engineer to Associate, and continues to provide new challenges and develop new skills. From small scale residential extensions to deep basements, office and leisure projects, across all material types.

I particularly appreciate Engenuiti’s willingness to listen to feedback which has allowed me to develop certain aspects of my skillset and interests. I have been able to steer my career to a more timber design focused role and I currently help lead the Advanced Timber Development group, where we focus on knowledge sharing and bettering our expertise and design tools across the practice to ensure we maintain our position as one of the leading Structural Engineering practices in the space.


I was keen to join Engenuiti because of its reputation for focusing on sustainable design. I came across the practice when researching companies involved in timber engineering and was impressed by the wide array of timber projects Engenuiti has delivered.

I have found Engenuiti very welcoming and encouraging which has made the transition from study to work a great experience for me. People are always happy to help me to develop my knowledge and take the time to support me with project work and my personal development. I really enjoy that my work is so varied; from calculations and sketches to design reviews, client meetings and site visits.

I’ve been able to learn a lot at the start of my career about a variety of materials and project types, which has been really interesting and invaluable. I have worked on a wide range of projects from large residential blocks to small-scale refurbishments as well as several timber buildings. My experience has helped me develop skills both technically and otherwise, preparing me well for my career going forwards.

Engenuiti Office 3 2022 Izzy Daniel
Engenuiti Office 66 2022 Harry


I joined Engenuiti as I wanted to ensure that I was in the best environment to continue my development as an Engineer in the crucial first years out of University. The quality of the engineering meant I knew I would get a strong continuation of my technical education and the wide range of projects undertaken meant that I would gain technical experience across a broad variety of structural forms and materials. I was also particularly drawn to their experience and expertise in timber design as I believe it’s key to a sustainable future, and accordingly a key ability for any aspiring engineer.

In my time at Engenuiti I have worked on a diverse set of projects in all the main structural materials and on both new and existing schemes. The practice encourages rapid development of responsibility and management of projects, and correspondingly I have been involved in all aspects of designing a structure across all of the design stages. Due to this I feel fully prepared for my Chartership interview this autumn.

Beyond all of the above, I have found myself enjoying working here because the people I work with are great, and the care that the Directors have towards us on both a personal and professional level.