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Our Graduate Programme: From the perspective of our graduates

We have handed over to some of our recent graduates, so they can share their perspectives on the Engenuiti graduate programme to date.

Chloe, Dominic, Jenny and Ed have shared their thoughts below. You can find more on our Instagram and LinkedIn pages too.


“I studied general engineering for my first two years at university, and specialised in civil, structural and environmental engineering in the final two years. My Masters project focused on high rise timber buildings, and the timber engineering we do here is one of the main reasons I decided to apply.”

“There’s a really good atmosphere in the office, but I like the flexibility to choose between working from home and coming into the office. Everyone is supportive of taking opportunities to learn, helping to explain things even when they aren’t directly relevant to the project at hand. I like the focus we have on sustainability in design, and that we push for greener alternatives wherever possible.”

Team Office Chloe
Crosfield 2

“Since beginning work here, I’ve been involved in designing quite a few timber schools and office buildings. I like being involved in projects where sustainability is a real focus. It’s really cool to go on a site visit and see people building something you’ve designed.”

“A typical day at Engenuiti can look very different depending on the stage of the project, or how big the projects are. There are opportunities to get involved in lots of different types of projects, some need lots of hand calculations, some need lots of drawing, some need lots of computer modelling. It makes it easier to gain experience in a wide variety of areas, and you’re not likely to be stuck on the same thing for long enough to get bored.”


“Before joining Engenuiti in September 2021, I studied Civil and Structural Engineering at Sheffield University for 4 years. I specialised in Structural Engineering, with my Masters dissertation focusing on disaster relief structures which could be built from the local flora of a region.

“Over the last few months, I’ve learned that one of the best things about Engenuiti is the support you get from everyone on the team. When I first arrived, I was nervous I would be left on my own. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Everyone was more than willing to help me if I was struggling with a specific piece of work. Also, Engenuiti has a great social life. There are regular team drinks and activities, which create a tight knit team environment.

Team Office Dominic
01007 Spelthorne Arch 3

“The job has been busy from the first week. My first task was designing timber connections for a project. This is a specific area that I had never really covered at university, so it was fantastic to get the opportunity to work on something I had never done before. It was a steep learning curve in the first two weeks, however, the job was made a lot simpler with the fantastic support I received.”

“One of my first projects was a leisure centre. It was a great project to work on in my first two months as it allowed me to design several different elements such as steel beams, concrete columns, retaining walls and pile caps. The project also enabled me to learn different design software. Getting all this experience in my first two months at Engenuiti was brilliant and kept me very busy.

“If you are someone who wants to work in a successful and happy team environment, taking on significant and important work from your first day, then Engenuiti is the place for you.”


“I’ve worked at Engenuiti for about two years now. My university course was a general engineering course for the first two years, then I specialised in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering for the last two years.

"Working at Engenuiti, I like that everyone is genuinely just nice! People take time to help you understand stuff.

“I don’t really have one typical day, that’s one of the things I like about Engenuiti; you get to work on multiple projects at once which could be completely different, so there’s lots of variety. My time is mostly spent doing calculations by hand, on spreadsheets or using software; a little sketching; and using software to model and analyse structures.”



“I’ve only been at Engenuiti a matter of weeks, having recently graduated with a Masters in Integrated Civil Engineering.

“I really like the enjoyable workspace and atmosphere and the chance to work on a wide variety of projects. I’ve only been here a few weeks but, in that time, I’m pleased to be having a significant impact on Greenwich Millennium Village project.

“I’m working towards becoming a chartered engineer, and the one thing I’d say to someone thinking of joining is that everyone helps you learn here. If I need advice on anything, I don’t hesitate to ask whoever is in the office, everyone helps everyone else.”