‘To work in a fun and creative environment which grows knowledge, encourages original thinking and develops a passion for engineering’ is a key element of our ethos and culture.  We feel it is our role to explore the full potential of what it means to be an engineer and ensure our engineers understand all aspects of a construction project from the finance, procurement and construction of a building, in addition to the design.

Our graduate training scheme reflects our desire for our graduates to become fully-rounded engineers with an appreciation of more than just being problem solvers.  We teach our graduates to learn to ask “why”, consider whether the right questions are being asked and not be afraid to challenge convention.  Our scheme includes requirements to learn about economics, architecture, free-hand drawing, and humanitarian issues as well as specific technical development in structural engineering.   We do not run a technician scheme as our Engineers are responsible for delivery of construction documentation, we feel that digital engineering and BIM has changed the traditional dynamic of document production. 

Every week we have staff lunches, we hold monthly team events and once a year we visit a European city as a study trip to explore the history of the city and the development of architecture and regeneration in the area; we have visited Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid, Lisbon and Milan. 

We do not have a specific development scheme in place for our operational team, however we discuss and plan training requirements within our twice yearly appraisals and review training opportunities on a case by case basis.  Members of our practice management team are undertaking MBA modules with our full support.  We also encourage all our chartered staff wishing to explore leadership roles to undertake the Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment (IDBE) Masters Programme at Cambridge University. 

14 Nov 2017
8 Mar 2018