Client:  Gdansk Municipality, Poland

Architect:  UNIT Architects

Value: £2m



Engenuiti and UNIT Architects collaborated to create an elegant form for this bridge competition. The bridge is a bobtail swing bridge with the main cantilever arms being approximately 29m in span from the central pivot point.  The deck width varies from 4.5m at the cantilever tip to 6.4m at the pivot.  The deck depth varies from 340mm at the tip to 600mm at the mid point and 3.4m at the pivot.

The structural concept for the deck is that of a ship’s hull.  In this case the deck is formed from welded steel plates to the top and soffit with rib stiffeners running inthe longitudinal and transverse directions in a similar fashion to the design of a hull.  The balustrade has designed as a structural component acting as a truss with top and bottom chords built within the hull typology.  The webs of the ‘truss type elements”’are perforated with the patterning chosen by the architect.