We are delighted that Khyaung School has won the 2018 WAN Award for Colour in Architecture.

Designed and built pro-bono by Weston Williamson + Partners, ourselves, Integration and Building Trust International, the innovative school design pushes the boundaries of what can be built sustainably and cost-effectively in rural Cambodia. 

The cross section and orientation of the school building responds to the local environmental requirements, with the distinctive roof form incorporating overhanging verandas providing solar shading to the classroom walls and a shaded area for smaller informal classes. The zinc roof incorporates a 'top hat' to the roof ridge, which combined with lower level wall openings, promotes the circulation of air within the classrooms and lets in light. The library opens onto an external covered area offering another flexible space.

Locally available materials have been used throughout, and the setting-out of the building has a direct relationship to the distinctive red clay brick module of the region, with its four one inch holes in the centre maximising cross ventilation.

The new building, which was officially opened on International Children's Day in 2017, sits at the edge of Khyaung village where the school compound meets the vast open expanse of paddy fields. Doors and windows are painted a fresh green referencing the young rice plant shoots and complimenting the rich red brick wall panels as the landscape blends with the village boundary. Primary colours are painted on the doors to identify each classroom, only becoming visible when the school is opened up at sunrise each morning.

We loved working with the team on this amazing project and are delighted it has been recognised at the WAN Awards.

21 Sep 2017