Client: Confidential

Architect: Architects of Invention

Value: $60m


The Central office development is a 35,000m2 14-storey, office building in the heart of Moscow. Engenuiti worked closely with AOI and the Client to develop facade engineering options for the building skin. 

The final solution of a full-height, unitised and structural glazed unit required detailed thermal modelling to prove the thermal characteristics were in line with SNIP code requirements.

The building consists of two connected volumes - a 14-storey office building of rectangular form and a 7-storey hotel. To reduce the visual effect of the building’s scale, the volumes are dissected with a dark line on the second and twelfth floors. The facade is designed as continuous structural glazing with a fritted pattern. The pattern is made of white print – a simulation of digital rain on the surface of the building. The density of fritting increases with height. This solution gives the facade a solid white appearance, protecting it from the sun and the overheating of interior spaces in the summertime.

The colour defines the function: the white colour defines public space, while yellow highlights technical facilities. The yellow bar at the eighth floor gives the building becomes an easily recognisable feature of the architecture of the complex.