When we talk to developers, architects and contractors they are often amazed at the opportunities posed by steel and timber hybrid structural forms for office and residential buildings.  Our ideas slice months off more traditional construction programmes, remove all wet trades, reduce costs and have a significant effect on reducing the carbon content of the building. 

But how have we got here? When we first established Engenuiti we were drawn to Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) as a new material and the possibilities it presented for innovation in structural form as well as how it could be applied to different building types.  We set out to become experts in the design and engineering of CLT so that we could exploit its full potential and influence its future use in the industry.  In the UK the use of CLT as a structural material has evolved from a bespoke, architecturally and sustainability-led design option to an industry-wide structural frame solution. However, most design solutions have been limited by the industry supply chains where there is a bias towards all timber structural frame solutions. 

Over the past six years we have worked closely with specialist contractors, fabricators and suppliers to encourage steel framing in solid timber solutions where this provides the most economic overall package.  We have since designed and supervised construction on several of the biggest hybrid steel/timber buildings in the UK including The Cube, a multi award winning residential development in London.  We are now in a position where we can apply this knowledge of the design, fabrication, linking of supply chains and construction to all building types - and the benefits to developers and constructors are there to be explored. We look forward to talking to you ...

Nathan Wheatley - Director

13 Dec 2013
Structural Frames for the Future
22 May 2018
14 Nov 2017